Acts of Kindness



Acts of Kindness


A strategy shown to increase wellness is performing acts of kindness. Think back and remember a time when you performed an act of kindness (e.g., helped someone out in some way). Did you feel really good afterwards? If you did, you probably experienced a ‘helper’s high,’ which is a feeling of euphoria that leads to a feeling of calmness. This is because when you give something to another person and it is gladly accepted, this selflessness results in a feeling of connectedness. This reassures you that in your own small way, you are contributing to a secure and peaceful place to live.

Acts of kindness also remind you that you as an individual have a sense of purpose. These feelings increase wellness by reducing anxiety levels and stress hormones (cortisol) in your body, increasing positive affect and self-satisfaction, strengthening your immune system and decreasing negative attitudes and beliefs.


Acts of Kindness Examples


  • give someone a flower,
  • make a new friend,
  • say ‘hello’,
  • call or video-chat a lonely person,
  • open a door for someone,
  • help someone carry something,
  • eat lunch with someone new,
  • listen to others with your heart,
  • thank someone,
  • give someone a genuine compliment,
  • offer your seat to someone,
  • offer someone a lift,
  • respect others,
  • do someone a favour,
  • forgive mistakes,
  • walk someone’s dog,
  • leave a thank-you note,
  • share a smile,
  • bake a cake for others,
  • read to a child,
  • cheer up a friend,
  • give an unexpected gift.


Practise Instructions


If you choose to do this strategy, please try to:

  • Make a list of the acts of kindness activities that you would like to do and then perform an act of kindness at least once a day. Some examples were presented directly above.
  • At the end of the day, record your experiences using the acts of kindness self-monitoring form (pdf version found in ‘Downloads’ box below). Here you can write down what you did and how it made you feel afterwards.
  • Then after you have performed 7 or more, look over all of your acts of kindness and write a little about the one you enjoyed the most and why.



In this box you will find one pdf that you can download to assist you with your practise.

  • Below you will find an acts of kindness self-monitoring practise form.


Self-monitoring form

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