Guided Visual Imagery



Guided Visual Imagery

Guided imagery is a technique that uses visualisation to focus on images in the mind. The visual cortex in the brain is connected to our autonomic nervous system; therefore when the visual cortex is activated through visualisation, it can alter how we feel.

The autonomic nervous system helps to maintain our physical and mental health, especially the parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation response). Therefore when we practise guided imagery and relax our nervous system, we gain some control over our physical and mental functioning. When your mind guides you to a relaxed state, your body soon follows, producing physiological changes in the body. More specifically, evidence suggests guided imagery can improve mood, as well as the functioning of the immune system.

Guided imagery can promote relaxation, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, improve physical problems and help people prepare for surgery and undergo medical procedures more comfortably.


Practise Instructions


If you choose to do guided visual imagery, please try to:

  • Do this twice a day over the next few weeks.
  • Use the guided audio or text-based version of the guided-audio exercise (found in ”Practise Tools’ & ‘Downloads’ boxes below) to assist you with your daily practise.
  • Complete the self-monitoring form (pdf version found in ‘Downloads’ box below) before and after each practise.

Note: You are also able to listen to the guided-audio with one of the the relaxation videos in the box below. Just press play on the audio and then play on the video. You can also switch to ‘full-screen’.

Practise Tools


In this box you will find two guided-audios and four relaxation videos to help you with your daily practise.

  • The first guided audio (introduction) explains ‘why to do it’ and the second (exercise) is the actual guided exercise itself (what you will use when doing the daily practise).


Guided Visual Imagery: Introduction

Guided-Audio (0:55 minutes)

Guided Visual Imagery: Exercise

Guided-Audio (5:50 minutes)



In this box you will find two pdfs that you can download to assist you with your practise.

  • The first is a text-based version of the guided-audios above and the second is a self-monitoring practise form.


Guided-audio text-version

Self-monitoring form

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