Riding the Emotional Wave



Riding the Emotional Wave


It is very important to keep in mind that as overwhelming as our emotions can be at their peak, that they have a natural course. They rise, peak and then fall once they have been released. However, if we shut down our emotions just before they peak and don’t release them, we give them power. This happens because the next time that we are in that type of situation again, we will most likely experience even more intense emotions. When we don’t allow our emotions to follow their natural course and release them, they just build up and become stronger and stronger (like a pressure cooker) – helping to maintain certain ‘emotional’ neural pathways in the brain. However, if we don’t try to stop, push down or avoid our emotions, their intensity will naturally start to decrease.

So it is important to allow your emotions to run their course – because what goes up must come down. By letting our emotions just happen, without trying to change or control them from occurring, we will also start to experience our emotions less intensely each time we are faced with the same or similar situation in the future (and we are also creating new emotional neural pathways).


Practise Instructions


If you choose to do riding the emotional wave, please try to:

  • Do this twice a day over the next few weeks.
  • Use the guided audio or text-based version of the guided-audio exercise (found in ”Practise Tools’ & ‘Downloads’ boxes below) to assist you with your daily practise.
  • Complete the self-monitoring form (pdf version found in ‘Downloads’ box below) before and after each practise.

Note: You are able to listen to the guided-audio below (without a video) or the guided-audio with video. You can also switch the video to ‘full-screen’.

Practise Tools


In this box you will find the guided-audio and the combined guided-audio with a relaxation video to help you with your daily practise.

Riding the Emotional Wave: Exercise

Guided-Audio (0:49 minutes)



In this box you will find one pdf that you can download to assist you with your practise.

  • The pdf contains the text-based version of the guided-audio above and a self-monitoring practise form.


Audio Text & Self-Monitoring Form

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