Successful Events



Successful Events


When we take on something new, especially something that can involve challenges along the way and requires us to invest considerable psychological resources, it is important that we keep things in perspective.

Successful events is a simple strategy that can help you to persevere when things get a little more difficult and you feel like giving up.


Practise Instructions


If you choose to do the successful events strategy:

  • Think about a time when you succeeded or accomplished something that was really important to you and that you felt really good about and proud of.
  • Once you have remembered something, think back and visualise (using a timeline sequence) what you did, thought and felt (as well as the struggles you went through and how you overcame them).
  • Then write about the successful event in detail, on a blank piece of paper or by using the pdf found below (in the ‘Downloads’ box).
  • Then, over the next few weeks we would like you to think of this successful event several times each day for 30 seconds each time. Just remember what you did and how you felt. Also, try to do the same thing whenever you start to feel stressed or challenged in some way.



In this box you will find a pdf that you can download to assist you with this activity.


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